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About Us

High End Pins is a full service pinball restoration company founded over a decade ago by Owner, Christopher Hutchins. It has been his all consuming passion ever since.

a1Pinball restorations are taken to the absolute highest level using the finest equipment and housed in a great environment that provides everything from complete climate controlled game storage that is properly insured to a fully equipped refinishing shop. This level of commitment has helped produce a track record that is second to none and one of the industry most reliable sources for total game restoration.

High End Pins has been contracted to do some of the most valuable games, high profile projects and one of a kind prototypes within the pinball community. Chris has spent much of his lifetime studying, applying and perfecting many of the refinishing techniques that are used in the art of pinball restoration so in addition to the actual 10 plus years spent doing pinball restorations exclusively on a daily basis he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in EVERY single part of the refinishing process start to finish.

You will not find a better option for restoring your machines than High End Pins. Every single piece of your game is focused on and restored instead of just looking at the machine as a whole and leaving out the minor details. What that means is that the game is completely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up. Each part is removed, polished, painted, replaced, plated …whatever it takes to make that part look just like brand new or better! This philosophy is used on every piece – no matter how big or small.

So whether it is the obvious things like the playfield and cabinet or less obvious parts like the screws that hold it all together, the coils (even the wrappers), the boards and connectors in the head, your machine is given the highest attention to detail.

a2The result is a game that has had it’s complete history erased as well as being given the protection that will allow years of play without the stress of deterioration. In most people’s opinion these fully restored games will actually exceed, in both form and function, the game as when originally built.

The finished product can be inspected inside and out. Considering the dwindling supply of these machines and the decline in condition of what is left out there, it is a great way to get a “new in box” experience and reliability out of an item that was made a well over a decade or longer ago.

The games are truly re-manufactured – not just restored or shopped. A look through the photo gallery will show the level of detail and experience that goes into each game.

So if you are looking for quality work from an experienced staff, contact or call Chris at 704.351.2014 today!