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Q How does the process of having my game restored work?
It is very simple. You can have your game shipped to us. You can have a game you just bought shipped direct to us from the seller. We can also make all the arraignments for you. We often ship through NAVL because they offer door to door service with minimal effort on your part so that makes it painless to get your game here regardless of where you are in the continental US. We are also open to using the shipper or your or your sellers choice. Inquiries are welcome and phone calls are quickly answered or returned. So any questions or concerns can be addressed at any stage of the process be that before during or after. The payment structure is well detailed in the pricing and services section and has been developed to keep things simple and uniform since conditions and cost vary.

Q Do you work on older games?
We will restore games from the late 1970’s and up. Our primary focus is on games made from 1990 and up because there is a stronger parts market to support it and they are traditionally more “worthy” of restoration in the collectors market. As things have evolved though there is an increasing demand and the parts market is starting to recognize this. We are open to and experienced in restoring games made prior to 1990 and we are fully capable of doing so all the way back to the very first of the solid state games (around 1977-1978).Our current ability to restore these pre- 1990 games depends on a lot of variables like parts availability, starting condition and most importantly the owner’s willingness to give us the freedom to rebuild the game in a way that fits our criteria.

Q How long does the process take?
The process itself takes about one and a half to two months start to finish for the more straight forward or common projects. More complex or older games can take a little to much longer process time depending on what is required to make it happen. Other variables to consider will be our current backlog, the scope of current projects in process as well as turn around time of our outside vendors. Most games do not move into the teardown process for at least 1-2 months after they arrive because they have to be worked into the rotation. From the time your games arrives until the time it leaves usually is about a total of 4-6 months and is very negotiable from that timeframe on. Expedited service is sometimes available if a certain game falls into a certain category all of which is better covered during the initial inquiry.

Q Do you only restore other peoples machines?
That is 95% of our total business. The restoration of games sent directly to us by the owner. Occasionally we may sell a game here or there but with our continuous stream of restorations for others it seems only fair to them to make their games our top priority.

Q Can you find me a base game for restoration?
Yes. We are always looking for games that we feel will restore nicely at fair prices. Once we locate the right game for your needs we will do all the steps needed to secure and inspect the game. This would include dealing with the seller reviewing pictures or personally looking the game over and picking it up if it is within our range. Once a deal has been made all you will need to do is pay for your base game and shipping if required.

Q How do I care for my freshly restored game?
Your game should need little to no care or adjustment for at least the first 90 days. Dirt will not be much of a problem since all parts have been cleaned. You can keep the playing surfaces looking fresh buy a regular light waxing every couple weeks. We recommend any automotive wax made by Meguires which is usually carried in all auto parts suppliers (Pep Boys, Auto Zone etc). Occasionally a switch might need a little adjustment here and there but that has always and will always be the case with these machines and is to be expected. If you have any problems we are always available and will provide you the highest level of service before during and after the restoration.