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Pricing / Services

Please contact us with all your specific needs and requirements. Our general pricing and services are as follows:

Complete game restoration
We offer and specialize in the complete and total restoration of most games dating from the late 1970’s and up. Pricing is very hard to nail down specifically because conditions and brands vary so much. Most of the more modern games we are doing currently are falling into the $4000-$6500 labor range. The lower end would represent a decent starting platform with little to no cabinet work and higher end would represent a rough starting platform in need of full cabinet restoration, moderate playfield rework etc. There are circumstances where it can be slightly higher or lower than those figures. That service would include all items listed on the process page (clearcoating, cabinet restoration etc.) It does not include parts because that is an unknown on any game until it is completely finished.

Playfield restoration
Playfield restorations as a stand alone service are taken in on a case by case basis. A look through the photo gallery will help highlight the possibilities. The main consideration used when accepting these jobs will be the potential of the playfield in question as well as my current workload. Sending pictures is helpful when inquiring.

Cabinet restoration
Cabinet restoration is rarely done as a stand alone service. The pricing of it depends on the condition of the cabinet or level of service needed.

Outside services
Two services we offer as part of a total game restoration are board repairs and metal finishing (plating etc). Both of these services are “contracted out” to people we feel are the best in their respective fields.

All major board work is done by The Coin Op Cauldron. Plating services are done by a variety of platers and metal finishers depending on the type of plating needed whether it be gold, chrome, polishing or powder-coating. Any person or company we use for this service are well established in their fields and will provide quality on par with our own.

All games that leave our facility will be well packed to help ensure they are not damaged in shipping. It does no good to perfect a game only to have the many hours spent on it voided by even the smallest nick or scratch. Games are blanketed then shrink wrapped, then put on a custom built pallet . When crating is required it is then chocked all the way around and fully enclosed.

Crates are custom built to fit each game and are fully constructed of wood with a cardboard shell or plywood shell depending on application. Cardboard offers protection while maintaining a lighter and smaller footprint and less waste to dispose of once it arrives. Plywood is better protection but increases the weight and disposal for the end recipient. They are screwed together (not nailed) so they can be easily taken apart. The cost of packing or crating varies with the price of materials and method required, requested or desired.

Payment Terms and Conditions
ps4Payment terms have been well thought out and designed to keep projects moving efficiently during the process.. The payment terms and requirements are as follows.

$1000 at games arrival. This is a standard deposit that pays for the spot in the line up, space the game takes up, and properly insuring the game. This deposit is non refundable, and not transferable. The amount is credited to the restoration once it goes into process so the non refundable nature of this is only a concern if a project is not seen through to completion by action of the owner .No games shall be considered inventoried nor insured until this deposit is made.

$2000-$4000 is due at teardown. The specific amount required in this range depends on factors such as the estimated cost of parts and modifications needed/requested as well as the amount of labor required .This payment is due within 7 days of request .It will be at this point that the game is moved into teardown and a detailed link is created for you to follow the restoration process.

$$$$ Final payment is due as the game nears completion and is also due within 7 days of request .The final payment will be the total amount of the restoration and parts less the previous deposit and payments made to date. It is billed and timed in a manner that will insure the game is complete and payment has cleared prior to shipment or release.

Any payments not received within the requested time frames are considered late and will be subject to a 30 day delay in starting a project if it is a teardown payment or a 30 day hold delay prior to pick up or shipment once payment is received if it is during the final payment request. A 5% late fee is applied to all final payments not received within 14 days of request in addition to the 30 day release delay .Any games not paid in full within 30 days of the final payment request will be subject an additional 5% late fee monthly every 30 days up to 90 days at which time the game may be considered abandoned and sold to cover the final payment and fees.

Acceptable forms of payment are personal checks which are subject to a 14 day hold prior to shipment, cashiers or bank draft checks, wire transfers and Paypal payments with an additional 4% accounting fee.

Due to the lack of recourse or collateral once a game has been released all in person pick ups require previously made and cleared final payments or cash prior to being released.

Also of note there is no guarantee of our ability to restore the game sent nor is it implied.There are cases where a game is not worthy of restoration,the conditions are too much to overcome ,the needed parts simply cannot be found and/ or it could be cost prohibitive for the owner or High End Pins to do the project.In those cases the game will be returned as is at the owners expense.These circumstances are extremely rare but it must be noted.