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The Process

We have a very detailed system that has evolved into a streamlined process used on all games. Each game receives the exact same level of craftsmanship regardless of it’s title, popularity or value.

At HighEnd Pins we have only one standard – high quality for all clients.

Here are the highlights of that process:

p1Once the game arrives and is put into rotation the first thing that is done is to fully evaluate it. Some things like cabinet fade or playfield wear are very obvious but other issues like mechanical problems, hacks, missing small parts and the like are very hard to spot at a glance. We will do our best to note everything we can during the initial evaluation but once the game goes into teardown there may be other discoveries.

Once the game has been evaluated it goes into teardown. In teardown the games are completely disassembled. Every single part comes off the playfield top and bottom as well as the cabinet inside and out. (even the T-nuts) Nothing is left attached. All parts are separated into various categories and place on a large roll around rack that is used to keep everything in order and easily accessible.

The assemblies themselves are then taken completely apart. From that point on each piece of metal, plastic and wood is painted, refinished cleaned, polished etc. accordingly. All metal parts (brackets, screws etc.) are put into various tumblers where there are polished for 3 to 4 days straight. Those assemblies are then rebuilt and any worn parts replaced during the process to ensure top mechanical reliability and performance.

Next in line is to completely clean all wiring harnesses, coils, connectors and boards. During this process any previously hacked repairs or obvious problems are taken care of. All lamps and flashers are replaced as well. This is done on both sets of wiring and assemblies cabinet and playfield.

All ramps and plastics are completely disassembled, thoroughly washed and lightly flame polished to remove all scratches. The ball guides and other stainless parts are cleaned, re-grained and polished. No part goes untouched – not even the vent screen in the back of the head. Truly everything is cleaned polished or painted.Once complete all parts are bagged up to keep them safe and dust free while the rest of the restoration process takes place.

The playfields are sanded clean on the backside first. Then they are repaired, touched up as needed then clearcoated. This can be very tedious and time consuming. The results are amazing and future wear will no longer be a concern.

The cabinets are all done the same way in regards to complete teardown and cleaning. All cabinet floors are sanded cleaned and then refinished inside. We refinish all the bolts and brackets as well. The rest of the process really depends on what is available or realistic.

p2Cabinets that need decals (subject to availability) are sanded down to the wood or primer coat as needed. They are then repaired. All nicks, scratches, divots, dents, etc. are taken care of. After that they are completely sealed and primed and must set for a couple of days to fully cure.

Once cured, they are sanded slick and completely refinished in their base color. At that point they must set another couple of days. During this curing process new ground braid is installed as well as any internal parts of the cabinet (transformer, boards etc). After the paint is fully cured it is lightly sanded to remove any imperfections, then the new decals are applied. They must also set a couple of days to fully adhere prior to finishing them out (trimming, seaming and edging.)

For some cabinets it is possible to repaint them completely or in sections. This really depends on too many factors to list but if it is possible on a particular game then it is a service we offer. The process is very simple in theory that all repairs are made to the cabinet and it is then masked and refinished as needed but truth be told this can be a very time consuming process depending on the scope of the art and repairs. New cabinets and stenciling are often an option as well depending on the era and title of the game in question.

Refresh/touch ups
Cabinets in good shape normally require minor touch ups and a little refreshing. Those cabinets would be torn down as described in the previous text and refinished inside. All the little nicks and/or scuff would be color matched and touched up.

After all these steps the game is now ready for rebuild. During the process all parts are fine tuned as they go on. All parts are put on neatly and the wiring is run very tight and clean. We take as much pride in the underside as we do the topside.

Once fully assembled the games are play tested and run through a factory burn in. At this point all the final tweaks are made until it plays 100% all the way around. We want to make sure the games play as well as they look. It is really the most important part of this after all!

All games that leave our facility will be well packed to help ensure they are not damaged in shipping. It does no good to perfect a game only to have the many hours spent on it voided by even the smallest nick or scratch. Games are blanketed then shrink wrapped, then put on a custom built pallet . When crating is required it is then chocked all the way around and fully enclosed.

Crates are custom built to fit each game and are fully constructed of wood with a cardboard shell or plywood shell depending on application. Cardboard offers protection while maintaining a lighter and smaller footprint and less waste to dispose of once it arrives. Plywood is better protection but increases the weight and disposal for the end recipient. They are screwed together (not nailed) so they can be easily taken apart. The cost of packing or crating varies with the price of materials and method required, requested or desired.

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